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Arthurian Legend
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8th-Apr-2018 10:07 am - Community exported to dreamwidth
I exported the community to dreamwidth!


You may still post in both the plaform!
11th-Mar-2016 03:06 pm - 20 muses: Camelot (tv series)
20 Camelot icons for 20muses
this was my first time ever doing a challenge like this
so I played it safe and chose easy mode, which I thought
was going to be harder than I anticipated. Thankfully though
once I had the ball rolling, it was rather fun! :)

{20)icons for
please comment/credit if you take or use.
DO NOT steal/edit my icons.

... and would like to find a fanfic archive of the medieval Arthurian legend characters, in particular any stories involving Merlin and Nimue's relationship. Thanks for any help, and recs entirely welcome! Sincerely, pronker
Hello everyone,

My name is Michael Sacal. I'm the writer and creator of KNIGHTS LEGACY: AWAKENING OF THE PEN DDRAIG, a 144-page graphic novel that tells the story of the modern day heirs to the legacy of the PENDRAGON. I'm currently working on putting together a Kickstarter to help finance the production of the novel and wanted to tell you about it in the hopes that it's something that might interest you to support in any way you can.

"Awakening..." focuses on two modern heirs of the PENDRAGON, LAURENCE GREY and ETHAN McBride.

Laurence is a soulless man whose lack of self makes him indifferent to people’s suffering and drives him to oppress the people of the EUROPEAN UNION. In his search to find a glassmith able to restore Caliburn’s broken glass blade so he can use it to open Arthur’s burial chamber, he inadvertently awakens his innocent true self. Driven by the need to earn forgiveness for his sins, Laurence embarks on a journey that takes him from the world of magic across the world of man in search of absolution, but what he finds instead is the key to unlock his buried past.

Ethan is a selfish man whose determination in discovering where he comes from blinds him to the needs of others and compels him to only take action expecting a reward for his efforts. The only trace he has to his origins is a locket emblazoned with the coat of arms of the HOUSE OF THE PENDRAGON. After his locket is stolen, he embarks on a quest that takes him from the world of man across the world of magic to get it back, but what he finds instead is the devastating truth to the question that has plagued him his entire life.

The emergence of the isle of AVALON – the fabled resting place of king ARTHUR PENDRAGON – portents their heroic awakening. Should either one fail to embrace their birthright, it would bring about the birth of a DRUID MECCA built atop the ruins of the European Union – the modern KINGDOMS OF CAMELOT.

KNIGHTS LEGACY: AWAKENING OF THE PEN DDRAIG is a sweeping saga that gives previously accepted facts about Arthurian lore a new interpretation, which allows it to stand on its own merits alongside other tales inspired by the source material.

You can learn lots more about this project at the Knights Legacy Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/KnightsLegacy. You'll find information about the characters including artwork (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.461270260607974.1073741825.139395476128789&type=3), and a fully-lettered preview of the first six pages (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.585965381471794.1073741834.139395476128789&type=3).

You can also follow me on Twitter at @HeroicTStudios and @MichaelSacal.

I hope you like what you see! Thanks.
9th-Dec-2012 02:03 pm - Arthurian roleplay!


“Arthur, their young king, like a hero out of legend.”

is no fit king,” they said. And yet, here he is. Surrounded by those
who already swore to be loyal to him with no hesitations. But they
aren’t many. Most of the people - noblemen and ordinary people alike -
still doubts his right for the throne. He needs to prove himself, he has
to earn their trust.  People are coming to see the new king from every
corner of the country. Some of them to offer an alliance; others to see
their potential enemy. Many claimed the throne before him, yet no one
has ever been able to put the sword out of the stone but Arthur. He’s
been raised without knowing his origin and he’s been raised well. Now
he’s ready to rule. He will be a good king. I, Merlin, am sure of it.

You can apply for an open character (or an original character) at this link. Some rules here!

Kay | King Lot | Morgause | Elaine (Arthur's sister) | Guinevak | Ceri (OC) | Guinevere | Nimue | Taliesin | Merlin | Dindrane | Bedivere | Lucan | Anburn (OC)

WHAT HAPPENED UNTIL NOW (main plot events?)
and Guinevak arrived in Camelot and Guinevere will soon marry Arthur.
Bedivere and Lucan returned from battle. Kay is Camelot's seneschal and,
surprising himself, won at the last tournament. Elaine just met her
sister Morgause after years of not seeing each others. Taliesin,
Camelot's bard, is waiting to meet his friend Merlin again. Dindrane is
looking for her brother's Perceval. Morgause and Lot are plotting
against Arthur. Ceri is the huntress of the castle and she would like to
be a knight one day. Basically everyone is looking/waiting for Arthur...
who is not in Camelot because our rpArthur left us D:

10th-Jun-2012 10:20 am - Arthurian roleplay on tumblr

DUMNONIA: Arthurian tumblr rp

(it’s still in construction but it’ll be ready soon and you can already start applying for your character!)

GoT - Cersei: Her embers tempered roared
M​edium: TV
Fandom: Camelot
Subject: Morgan Pendragon
Title: Darkness Darkness
4th-Mar-2012 05:12 am(no subject)
Everything Else;

.it's a wonderful town.

In December 2010, it began. New York City was the epicenter and gods and mortals of bygone days were drawn there. Shadows of their former selves, not all remembered who they were and none knew that their lives had become playthings for Khaos.

In March 2012, following who knows what manner of tug of war (because it is always, always a game), our gods and goddesses, our nymphs and our angels, our mortals and, yes, even our mythical animals were returned to New York City.

They do say it's the city that never sleeps. It is only natural that the city's puppet-master never sleeps, either.

You can try to break the cycle but whether you're Odin All-Father or Zeus Thunderer, whether you're a Queen of Hell or a Queen of Sparta, you will fail. Settle in, instead, and learn to roll with the punches.

Applications open; 8th (23:59 EST) - 16th (23:59 EST) every month.

Mythopoeics started in Dec. 2010 over at livejournal! For previous events, shenanigans and such please look over at our livejournal communities.

extra slot requesthiatusdropsmod box

eventszurvan infocontactslocationsresources
7th-Jan-2012 04:53 pm - ARTHURIAN CALENDARS: download
I created an arthurian calendar for the 2012. It is in two version (one is clear and the other one has an "ancient" effect). In the last page of the calendar there are also all the titles of the pics/paintings I used.
The calendar if composed by: an arthurian poem, an arthurian image, the days of the month.



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