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Talk about anything related to King Arthur! This forum is pretty open, so you can discuss the legends, the movies, the history, culture, literature, art, music, etc.; anything associated with King Arthur and his knights.

All that is asked is that there be no retarded behavior toward your fellow community members. When posting pictures/quizzes, please put them behind an lj-cut tag to spare our friends' pages.

Pimping of communities is tolerated, but before scampering off and making your own Arthur community, keep in mind that any discussion, even remotely related to Arthur, is welcome here. This is just so people don't have to deal with ten bajillion Arthur communities on their friends' list.

Please don't lurk! We'd love to have you on board, sharing your thoughts and having discussions with us.

Any comments/questions/concerns, feel free to contact your moderator at above address.

Thanks, and happy posting!

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